Friday, September 25, 2009

It was in the year 2341 when he decided to take a survival-holiday-trip with his friend into the Jurassic period. The trip was offered by the Time-Travel-Corporation TTC, which had the monopoly on time travel for already quite a while. 

Unfortunately his friend got stepped on by an enormous Brachiosaurus twelve minutes after arrival. This traumatic experience made him realize that a time period with smaller species would be the way to go for the next survival-trip. So he choose the rather unpopular Devon-period-trip offered by TTC at a 'Special-Super-Summer-Sale'.  Two complimentary gifts were handed over to him by the TTC salesman: a pocket knife and a loin-cloth 'fits-all-sizes'.

He arrived in the Devon-period in the early afternoon. Earth and nature, being in their infancy of genetic development, didn't seem to offer the survival-challenges he had wished for.

Little did he know...